Friday, 11 January 2013

New year... New start...Do what you enjoy!

Hey lovely people,

So its been a while* [a long while] since i last posted on this blog but today on the off chance i came across a message someone had left on here and it made me want to start blogging again. I guess i was reminded that some people still do read or come across this blog and i do enjoy doing it so why not start!

I guess in the past i thought if no one read then what is the point but i have decided that i enjoy it and even if no one ever reads it its still fun and i have enjoyed it...

SO ... here's what i am going to do...

1. Try and post regularly on here about beauty, fashion and my thoughts.
2. Use my camera... This might seem strange but i have never owned my own camera and when i got some money* [yup, my student loan] i decided to pick one up ... don't get me wrong its by no mean amazing but it will do the job at the moment.

Lets hope that this time i stick to it ...

Have any of you struggled when first starting your blog?

Sarah xoxo

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