Monday, 14 January 2013

whats the obsession... candles... CHEAP ...just a little post

Hello lovely people,

So today i have been out a picked up just a couple of things which i wanted share...

So over the past 6 months i have been getting into reading peoples blogs and watching alot of YouTube videos and it didn't take me long to realize people seemed to have some sort of obsession with candles.

To be honest with you i didn't really get it and thought it was a tad crazy to be posting about candles?!?!

But here i am writing about them.... so i had bought a couple of cheap candles around Christmas to put in a sort of pamper basket for a couple of my friends as a little something with the main bits and bats i bought but never ended up putting them in so thought why not give them a try...

They we skittle candles which smell DELICIOUS!!! that kind of smell where you wish the thing your smelling was edible. Much to my surprise i loved them and popped out today to by a couple more as they are 89p each! what a bargain.

As you can see i bought two more of the skittle candles which were melon and raspberry then saw this set of four which i smelt and had to buy! They are a bakery selection which come in cranberry cupcake, cookies & cream, apple & toffee pie and gingerbread man which  were £1.99 !!! 50p  each cant go wrong at that.

Here the ones i have lighted at the moment, making my room smell lovely indeed ! i also picked up a mug for my makeup brushes which was another little steal!
(My brushes are in a desperate need of a clean so if you have any recommendations let me know!)
What are your favorite candles? and how do you find the best way to store your brushes?

sarah x.

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  1. I just use the daily cleaner from Sephora! It works really well and my brushes keep clean :)